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Picture this. You are sitting on your comfy couch or in your favourite chair, watching the flames dance and flicker in your new (environmentally friendly, of course) fireplace. Nothing feels more like home.

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We focus on two simple ideas: use super efficient, eco-friendly products, and install them with expert care. Our outstanding selection of wood, pellet and gas burning freestanding stoves, and inserts are a tribute to good old-fashioned values like quality and safety.
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Eco-Friendly Heating

Today’s wood burning appliances are incredibly efficient, producing plenty of heat to warm your home. Some of the latest models even make it possible to distribute the heat from the appliance throughout the home using existing ductwork. Some top-of-the-line wood burning appliances produce such a small amount of emissions, they qualify as smokeless heat sources.  Wood is a sustainable energy source, unlike fossil fuels.

Add Value To Your Home

No other type of heating appliance offers the kind of cozy warmth that you can get from a fire and increase the value of your home. Nearly 50% of home buyers asay thy will pay more for a home with a fireplace.

Cut energy Costs

As electricity costs continue to climb, fireplaces are becoming a popular primary heating source.  It costs less to purchase firewood for your efficient wood burning appliance than to heat your home using utilities that depend on fossil fuels.


Stephen Savard

“Great customer service and great staff! Bought a pellet stove (Harmen Allure50) and love it… just what we needed, thanks!”

Deanna Letto

Remarkable! I would definately recommend the Tin Man to anyone. Keep up the awesome work and thank-you for my wonderful stove. I love it!”

Adam Prosper

“Excellent service, great workmanship and reasonable pricing!”

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