Boxer 24 Wood Stove

The BX24 Boxer is very clean and efficient. Performance is balanced to deliver a greater amount of radiant heat through the large glass door. Blaze King offers the highest efficiencies and cleanest burns available.


  • Maximum heat input
    311,344 BTU’s
    311,344 BTU’s
  • Efficiency
    77% (As listed by EPA)
  • Constant Heat output on High
    32,379 BTU’s per hour for 8 hours
    29,966 BTU’s per hour for 8 hours
  • Constant Heat output on Low
    10,792 BTU’s per hour for up to 20 hours
    9,989 BTU’s per hour for up to 20 hours


The combination of our exclusive thermostat and catalytic combustor technology makes your Blaze King one of the most efficient wood stoves in the world. The proof of this is in our flue temperatures. Non Blaze King stoves have flue temperatures of between 600° F and 900° F while Blaze King flue temperatures are between 200°F and 300° F. Non Blaze King stoves pump valuable heat up the flue while your Blaze King keeps the heat in your home saving you money. As a result our highly efficient stoves will burn up to 33% less wood. So you cut, stack, load and clean 33% less wood.

We take pride in what we sell. If it’s not good enough for us to use ourselves then it isn’t good enough for our customers.
That’s why our employees enjoy our products in their own homes and cabins. The Tin Man in a unique company selling a wide range of products for all seasons in Newfoundland.

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