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Wood and Pellet Stoves for Families in Corner Brook and the West Coast of Newfoundland

We know that you want to feel safe in your home and, in order to do that, you need a stove that keeps you warm—and saves money. The problem is the oil and electric furnaces installed in most homes cost more than double what wood and pellet stoves do to heat the exact same space, which makes people enslaved to the oil and power companies with no recourse.


But the truth is that no one should be cold in their own home.


We know how it feels to live in a house that’s cold and damp. And that’s why for, for over 22 years, we’ve been helping families in Corner Brook stay warm, our entire team uses the stoves we sell in their own homes, we perform over 200 WETT (Wood Energy Technology & Transfer) inspections each year, our showroom in the heart of Corner Brook has over 45 stoves and fireplaces on display, and our in-house installers complete all of our projects from start to finish. We can help you too.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Schedule an appointment with our team.

2. Our technicians will come out to sweep your chimney and perform an inspection.

3. We can complete any needed repairs so you can enjoy your fireplaces.

So start browsing the stoves on our website and get an onine estimate for your project. Don’t go through another year of astronomical heating expenses—rather, start saving money on your heating bills, turn the damp and cold basement into your family’s favorite room, break free from the stranglehold of the oil and power companies, and enjoy living in a warm and comfortable house.
Peter and his team at Tin Man have looked out for us from the very beginning. They’ve been incredible to deal with and provide professional installs and impeccable and reliable service. We had an issue arise with our chimney, 4 days before Christmas and we live 2 hours from Corner Brook, and Peter called us the first cancellation he had and fit our repair in, right before the holidays. We’re so appreciative!
-Meigan A. (Google Review)